Weekend Catch-up

The docks are getting ahead of me so I’ve ordered a strimmer – I’m very familiar with petrol-driven strimmers but this time I’ve risked an electric one. That doesn’t mean a tiny one on a length of cable from the house – this is a reasonably meaty -sounding lithium-ion battery that gives up to about 50 minutes of high-intensity brushcutting and allegedly recharges in 3 hours. To be fair, 50 minutes is about as much strimming or brushcutting as I want to do in a stretch anyway and taking a few hours off before doing another stint sounds fine! It’ll allow me to keep the edges of the fields trimmed down so nothing fouls the fences, and it should also mince docks and nettles briskly for efficient, quick composting.

It’s raining today so the horses are in the barns, devouring hay like it’s going out of fashion. I put out a bale between them last thing yesterday and I’ve just split another bale amongst them this morning! If it dries up and they go out for a while this afternoon, I’ll get the chance to refill all the haynets again for the night –  George has been a daft baggage overnight and pushed the haybox under a drip in the roof. He’s now sulking because the hay is all wet, so I’ll have to clean that out and start over. If he could take himself outside for an hour or so it’ll make things easier – manouvering bales and barrows with his close supervision is a bit tedious!

I’ve located a possible source of silkie eggs, so I’ve emailed checking the prices on the website are accurate – if they are, I’ll order 3 eggs of each of 4 different varieties – they do white, black and gold large fowl silkies and also the red bantam, which is a pretty thing and just as good a broody as the big ones – they just sit on smaller clutches. There’s a good hen house currently sitting empty at my mother’s place that’ll make an ideal silkie home – it’s roofed so they can stay dry, and it has a good run for them to scratch about in, plus places to hang feed and water containers. All I need to do is dismantle it, move it up to the croft, then put it together in a good place near the house (possibly backing onto one of the buildings for additional shelter) and do a little re-roofing.  I had my ferrets in it for a while and Holly climbed up the wire and tunneled through the roofing felt!

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